Monday, July 4, 2011

the human condition

now that you have seen what you shouldn't have seen .........
you are now one of us.
wandering as always on the internet and seeing the world as it really is (yes, you can see it, but you have to look very hard for the truth) I noticed how the humankind have came to an ugly end......................
I've seen how sick the human mind can get on top of the "pale blue dot".

how did this happen?? loss of purpose?? loss of value?? 

for some reason I got to the conclusion that it all comes down to selfishness.
that is why the humankind ethics deteriorated to that low level.

This got me depressed for a few days, ................. loosing purpose, loosing goal, until......

until I had to travel again, in a 3 hours trip, which changed my view of the human condition..

although the trip it self was not that interesting, but it became interesting at the very end of it.

there was this woman with her beautiful almost 9 month old daughter ...

As we were getting ready to get out off the bus, I noticed that the woman had some trouble getting down the bus stairs while carrying her baby, so I offered to carry her for her, and she happily agreed.

The woman went down and I followed her carefully, while carrying the baby, and then I stepped down one step, and the baby felt the movement, so she grabbed my t-shirt to balance herself.

At that moment I felt something strange, I don't know why, but I felt the purity of this little girl, this little human, this little person.
I felt that there is still some innocence in this world.

And after handing her over to her mother, I realized that as long as there are still pure, innocent humans as this baby, then the humankind is still safe. 

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