Friday, November 5, 2010

Tribute to the one I love the most.....

I love your face.....I love your smile
I love your serenity....I love your style
I love it when you receive me with this look
when did you get back you bloke?
without you I'm know I love you only
I've seen you laugh....I've seen you cry
oh please, give life one more try
I miss your kiss.....I miss your hug
I used to stick on you like a bug
you were always nice to me
you were the only one who could understand me
I was your electrician .... I was your technician
you were my safety ... you were my protection
you were the second to hold me
but the first to really know me
seeing you like this made me cry
oh Nana please, please don't die
I feel down....I feel sad
being helpless just makes me mad
without you there is no feast
tell me, who is gonna kill the beast
lots of memories I can't forget
carved deep down in my chest
I miss your juice..I miss your sweets
I just miss your angel face
one mind in two bodies..our talks never varies
oh please god..make her heal
make her health strong as steel
she is our connector..she is our link
she is the one that makes the family blinks
oh please god accept my prayers
oh please no...I don't like tears

ادعوا لجدتي بالشفاء


  1. شفاها الله و عافاها , و ربنا يصبرك على البلاء ده أنت و أهلك , بجد أنا حسيت بكل كلمة أنت كتبتها تقريبا , إن شاء الله ربنا هيعجلها بالشفاء , و أوعى تنسى مقولتك إن كل اللى يجيبه ربنا خير .

  2. آمين على دعائك يا قطب
    و فعلا كل اللي يجيبه ربنا خير

  3. اسأل الله العظيم رب العرش العظيم ان يشفيها

    أنت ممكن تحط الكلام ده علي الفيس بوك عشان ناس كتيير تقراه و تدعي

  4. اللهم اشفها و اعف عنها يا كريم و اكتب لها خير الجزاء فى مرضها و بارك لها فى أبنائها فأنت رب كل شئ و القادر عليه .....

    بجد يا عباسى ... كلام اكثر من رائع لأنه طالع فعلا من القلب
    ربنا يشفيهالكم ان شاء الله

  5. :((
    May Allah's blessings and mercy be bestowed upon her and may we all meet her in our final home; Paradise ... Amin !